A b o u t


We just love friends!

Central Perk Café is a very laid back location, where you can hangout with your friends or even meet new friends. The area also comes with a projected screen which plays the series "F. R. I. E. N. D. S"

The area is composed with 4 divisions which are the - Museum,Main Set, Directors Area & The Alfresco.  



Everyone of Us

Coffee - Six Characters meaning you'll have six coffee blends you'd like, this options are also based from the main characters of the series. Still sticking to our thematic choices.


Food - Remember the cheescake that Rachel & Chandler can't get over with? Imagine that in real life! Monica's vegetarian lasagna, Ross' Thanksgiving sandwich, and more! Also, the michelin inspired dessert, Chandler's Helium Balloon! Could it be more exciting?